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A Lesson in Gift Giving from Mrs. Roe

When I was young I had an elderly neighbor named Mrs. Roe who lived diagonally across from us. I was pretty young when I knew her, I was eight when she died, but she taught me several lessons that have … Continue reading

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Is Tourette’s Cursed?

It’s a few days after Halloween so I’m probably a few days off from when I should be discussing witches but I have to pose this question. At some point in history did some ancient Touretter upset a local witch … Continue reading

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My Flashpoint set visit

Now that I’m finally allowed I’d thought I’d share some of my visit to the Flashpoint studio with my fellow Flashpoint fans. It’s been a long wait and I’m sorry I had to lie to a few people but I … Continue reading

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Help me cure the one thing I hate about having Tourette’s

Having Tourette’s has definitely made my life different. It’s hard to be “normal” when I’m always drawing people’s attention for the weird sounds I make or the odd behaviors that I just can’t stop doing. I avoid a lot of … Continue reading

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Obsessive Thoughts: Blame Angelo for this one

I often suffer from obsessive thoughts. I’m told it’s just one of those things that come along with having Tourette Syndrome. Suffer really isn’t the right word to use though. While sometimes the thoughts stuck in my head are just … Continue reading

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The downside of chainmaille

I love chainmaille. The flexibility and movement it allows. The nearly endless possibility for different patterns. From my first attempts at using it to accent my silver work to my time making chainmaille armor to my current work with sculptural … Continue reading

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I’ve been doing a lot of multi-tasking today so it seems appropriate to add blogging to the mix of everything else I’m doing right now, especially since I just finished one project. The day started out slow, probably because it … Continue reading

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