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The trouble with working small

I have no idea why I like working so small, I just do. It’s just what works best for me except sometimes it doesn’t. As my work gets smaller and smaller my work needs to get more consistent or things … Continue reading

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Writing about myself

Today marks three months that I’ve been on Etsy. So yesterday I decided that it was finally time to put something in the “about” section of my profile there. I sat staring at the blank screen for a long time … Continue reading

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The downside of chainmaille

I love chainmaille. The flexibility and movement it allows. The nearly endless possibility for different patterns. From my first attempts at using it to accent my silver work to my time making chainmaille armor to my current work with sculptural … Continue reading

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Selling on Etsy

I’m a little leery about my recent decision to start selling my work on Etsy. When people first started telling me I should sell my work there I took a look and saw a lot of people selling chainmail jewelry, … Continue reading

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