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Correcting Tourette’s jokes

I don’t want anyone to think I’m against joking about Tourette’s.  With Tourette’s,  you have to keep a sense of humor, and it CAN be funny. What I do have a problem with is “Tourette’s jokes” that are just mislabeled coprolalia jokes. … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Gift Giving from Mrs. Roe

When I was young I had an elderly neighbor named Mrs. Roe who lived diagonally across from us. I was pretty young when I knew her, I was eight when she died, but she taught me several lessons that have … Continue reading

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Is Tourette’s Cursed?

It’s a few days after Halloween so I’m probably a few days off from when I should be discussing witches but I have to pose this question. At some point in history did some ancient Touretter upset a local witch … Continue reading

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My Flashpoint set visit

Now that I’m finally allowed I’d thought I’d share some of my visit to the Flashpoint studio with my fellow Flashpoint fans. It’s been a long wait and I’m sorry I had to lie to a few people but I … Continue reading

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The trouble with working small

I have no idea why I like working so small, I just do. It’s just what works best for me except sometimes it doesn’t. As my work gets smaller and smaller my work needs to get more consistent or things … Continue reading

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Help me cure the one thing I hate about having Tourette’s

Having Tourette’s has definitely made my life different. It’s hard to be “normal” when I’m always drawing people’s attention for the weird sounds I make or the odd behaviors that I just can’t stop doing. I avoid a lot of … Continue reading

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Writing about myself

Today marks three months that I’ve been on Etsy. So yesterday I decided that it was finally time to put something in the “about” section of my profile there. I sat staring at the blank screen for a long time … Continue reading

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