Writing about myself

Today marks three months that I’ve been on Etsy. So yesterday I decided that it was finally time to put something in the “about” section of my profile there. I sat staring at the blank screen for a long time wondering what the heck I should write. I suck at writing about me. I could probably write a book or even several books of self-doubt but something positive? Something about me that’s going to make someone be interested in buying my jewelry? Honestly I often wonder if what I’m making is even worth trying to sell. Yes I know I need to work on my self-esteem.

I thought about writing about my love of movement and my need for obsessive activities but if I really got into explaining that I think I might lose potential customers afraid of catching my crazy. I thought about writing something about my Tourette’s since raising awareness is so important to me but Tourette’s doesn’t define me and while it does effect the type of work I do explaining that connection would take more than a short “about the artist” allows. I thought about just borrowing some of the great things my Facebook friends have left in the comments every time I post photos of my latest piece but how to choose which to use? Maybe post something about sculptural chainmaille, what it is and how I make it would be a good idea but I have wood pieces listed there too and you never know when I might add something else. Do I write something about chainmaille and something about my wood scrollwork and then just add on every time I decide to play with something new? Knowing me I’d never update it.

In the end after spending the better part of a day getting nothing written I just went with the short and simple:

I make things. The smaller and more insanely complex, the better.

It works. What more do I really need to write about myself?



About kateevans68

I'm me. What more do you need to know
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2 Responses to Writing about myself

  1. Good job! Short and simple is usually best. This is a lesson I have not yet learned.

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