Obsessive Thoughts: Blame Angelo for this one

I often suffer from obsessive thoughts. I’m told it’s just one of those things that come along with having Tourette Syndrome. Suffer really isn’t the right word to use though. While sometimes the thoughts stuck in my head are just junk keeping me from focusing on what I’m doing some of my best ideas start as obsessive thoughts I just have to get out of my head.

Spike the bookmark

My “Spike the bookmark” chainmaille lizard came out of my need to put spikes on something after someone, many someones actually, got “spike” stuck in my head. I just kept repeating spike, spike, spike, spike, spike, spike, spike, spike over and over in my head. I’m lucky it stayed in my head and I wasn’t saying it out loud. Okay, maybe it came out a few times. Making a lizard with spikes helped me get that word out of my head. Putting it on a bookmark just seemed fitting for a Spike, Flashpoint fans will understand why. That turned out to be a good obsessive thought.

Not all of  my projects that come from obsessive thoughts work out, many now live on my “wall of shame” but just having visually done something with the thought quiets my mind.  Sometimes I don’t have a good idea to deal with a thought and sometimes I get an idea I don’t really want to follow through with. I often  fight the need to make something and the thought just hangs around in my head bouncing around sometimes at the front,sometimes just hanging out at the back but always there. The other day I finally acted on one of these thoughts that just hung around for a while.

Back in December I made SRU logo Christmas ornaments for some of my friends who are fans of the TV show Flashpoint. Everyone I offered one to  enthusiastically accepted, except Angelo. Not only did Angelo say no thank you to the ornament he added a little humor to his response. Thanks to him for the last three months I’ve had thoughts of leprechauns dangling from trees stuck in my head. Finding a leprechaun in December isn’t all that easy and even finding one in March didn’t work so well because the dangling needed to be by the toes. Odd how with all the cheap decorations out there for a holiday that so many use as an excuse to drink no one thought to make leprechauns that dangle by their toes. Since St. Patrick’s day was last weekend I finally broke down and just made my own leprechauns. I hung them from my smallest cherry tree for scale and that thought was done… until after I’d taken them down and realized I should have placed some pots, minus their gold, on the ground below. Damn.

Sometimes obsessive thoughts lead to great ideas and sometimes they lead to a tree full of dangling leprechauns. I’m sure I’ll have a new thought to obsess on soon and I’m even more certain Angelo will be the cause of many more obsessive thoughts in the future.


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One Response to Obsessive Thoughts: Blame Angelo for this one

  1. Okay NOW I get the comment about me spawning obsessive thoughts! I don’t even really remember what the comment was which spawned the thought of dangling leprechauns. I should really start filtering my thoughts before they fit me for a snug, white jacket. I hope there was at least some indication of how much your offer was appreciated. I’m just not the guy who makes good use of nice things but, hey, at least your tree was uniquely decorated come St. Patty’s. Although I’m surprised they didn’t get swiped!

    “What did you do last night, Bob?”
    “Went out for drinks and picked leprechaun off of a tree.”
    “Man, you must’ve been really drunk to have imagined that.”
    “No, really, I did!”

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