I’ve been doing a lot of multi-tasking today so it seems appropriate to add blogging to the mix of everything else I’m doing right now, especially since I just finished one project. The day started out slow, probably because it started early thanks to my Evil dog, so I figured I’d finish off an order for some wood pendants before Facebook woke up. Went out to the garage and got them all shaped, probably the only task I’ll accomplish on it’s own today. Sat down at my desk to paint them and the first message of the day pops up. Alternating painting and typing, second message pops up. Question about chainmaille, check the box of finished pieces. Back to painting. Check Twitter. Chat with friend. Answer more questions on chainmaille. Back to painting. Paint brush never leaves hand, woohoo for being able to use a touch screen with just a knuckle! New message from the friend I asked to make me a cover pic for my Tourette syndrome awareness page. Oops the paint on my brush started to dry out. Back to painting. Make a sale, over to Paypal. Wash out paint brush. Address envelope. Chat with friend. Switch colors, back to painting. Check on FPTO’s Facebook page. New question on chainmail. Answer a question about Flashpoint. Back to painting. Price on a custom order? Where was I in that chat with my friend? Check Twitter, post link for a set pic to FPTO’s wall. Finish painting. Dogs need to use the yard. Pull out colors for chainmaille order. New cover photo on FPTO! Let dogs back in. Open up blog before starting on chainmaille just to keep the multi-tasking going…

Now after all that aren’t you impressed to hear there is no paint on my computer?


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2 Responses to Multi-tasking

  1. Hilary says:

    Who’s asking all these questions about chainmaille?

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