Selling on Etsy

I’m a little leery about my recent decision to start selling my work on Etsy. When people first started telling me I should sell my work there I took a look and saw a lot of people selling chainmail jewelry, a lot of people selling the exact same things. In fact from my searching it appeared that some sellers existed only to copy other people’s work. Some of my designs take me weeks to figure out how to make them work and then hours or days to make a single piece. There was no way I was going to risk someone else using my work before I got the chance to make that work known as MINE. I walked away.

It’s been a few years and countless “Are you on Etsy?” and “You should sell your work on Etsy” ‘s and I’ve finally decided to go back. I started a store a couple weeks ago with the plan that it would just be for my wood scroll work projects. That was the plan but after looking around and not finding the things I had seen as a problem in the past and being encouraged by Facebook friends who like the pictures I’ve posted of my chain work I decided to try it out. How much of a risk is it really? I’ve come to realize that my work really only works at the tiny scale I love to play with and how many others are even capable of working that small? Can work fast enough at that scale to be able to sell for a reasonable price? Have the patience to spend hours on end staring at practically microscopic rings of metal without going insane? I’m guessing there aren’t too many people out there who CAN copy me so why worry? With that in mind I’m slowly posting a sampling of my work. Today I posted one of my favorites, dragonflys. We’ll see how it goes, I hope Etsy was a good decision.


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4 Responses to Selling on Etsy

  1. Molly Jo says:

    You already have a following on facebook, I think etsy is the next step for you and I wish you much success! Your work is always amazing!

  2. Mary says:

    Excited for you!

  3. Hilary says:

    This is a great post, Kate!

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