Finally started…

Finally started a blog. Not sure what I’ll be writting. I’ve been told I should start a blog about Tourettes, a blog about jewelry, a blog about gardening, I’m sure a few people out there think I might know a few things about Flashpoint…. Most likely this will just be a disorganized mix of everything.


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I'm me. What more do you need to know
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3 Responses to Finally started…

  1. Molly Jo says:

    You know MORE than a “few” things about Flashpoint! And yes, your one blog can be many, many topics. Look at the scattegories on mine! I look forward to your blog, and your jewelry, and your FP knowledge. Keep it up, all of it! 😉

  2. Hilary says:

    I’m glad you started this! I think a blog about all of the above would be popular!

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